Ferran Adria Immersion Dinner by Chef Jeannie Pierola

Wednesday, Nov 16, 6:15-10:30p

A unique dining experience, in conjunction with a Dali Museum special exhibition Ferran Adria: The Invention of Food, which serves as a one-of-a-kind homage to food innovator Adria, widely celebrated for changing the landscape of gastronomy in the same way Salvador Dali changed art. The Immersion Dinner features chef-inspired menu and wine pairings, designed to immerse you in the transformative nature of food.

Seating is limited, reservations required.

About the Menu
Chef Jeannie Pierola invites you to open your mind, see with your tongue and taste with your eyes. Her reception and seven-course dinner homage to Ferran Adria draws inspiration from his culinary mastery; Salvador Dali’s genius; and Sigmund Freud’s clarity. Featuring pedigreed indigenous and exotic ingredients, prepared with modern techniques, Pierola’s menu is designed with culinary subliminal text to heighten the senses and feed the psyche. A luscious dining immersion into a contemporary degustation of sapience, a taste of wisdom.